We Only See What We Expect To See!


Neuroscience shows us that we only ever see what we expect to see! Just for us to see anything, the amount of visual information arriving into the thalamus in our brains through our eyes is only a fraction compared to what is interpreted back to the thalamus from the visual cortex created from our memory. There is far too much raw data coming into our system from our senses for the brain to process in real time, it has to fill in the blanks according to our past history, in effect it makes up a story about what is going on that is consistent with our past experience.

We are building up a ‘model of the world’ from our experience as a baby, looking at things, picking them up, chewing them, banging them together and the like. We do this because it’s part of a cross-referencing learning process encompassing all the senses that physically wire the neural pathways in our brain to help interpret the experiences of our lives. As we grow the system gets more sophisticated by continually updating the patterns of reference in our neural networks from our previous experience for the purpose of not having to re-learn how to read everyday for example or ultimately re-learn how we are being in the world.

The most important point is, our model is a very personal and unique interpretation of the world, different for each and every one of us and we can change it at will.

Have you ever heard a word you’ve never heard before, or bought something you thought was unique and then it seems all of a sudden you start noticing it everywhere? That’s because your model of the world has been updated to expect to see it. Now on a grander scale and this gets into the realm of quantum physics your reality is only fixed because of a very strong inbuilt and evolutionary belief of what you expect to see. How you perceive the world to be literally generates it.

Taking this one step deeper and in a practical direction, all successful people, innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors, athletes, musicians you name it, have the same thing in common, an inbuilt expectation of their success. Their model of the world has trained them to automatically interpret their experience of the world as one that identifies them with the results they have in mind. Even failure becomes a mechanism to update and refine their model to one that relates to their continued success.

And this is no accident, it is purely by design!

As well as physically, athletes run races in their minds thousands of times before getting on the track, gymnasts practice their routines in their minds as part of their standard training, entrepreneurs mentally practice seeing there endeavors as a successes and musicians rehearse their musical pieces and technique over and over in their imagination first before being performed in front of an audience. In fact, any and all acts of consistent excellence and success in any endeavor are practiced in imagination first then executed in accordance with a held model of the world. Because successful athletes, musicians and entrepreneurs have trained their neural networks to interpret their model of the world in a very specific way their results become an automatic and self-fulfilling prophesy. In short they are hacking into their neurological system of their biology by deliberately occupying their desired state in their imagination.

The fact that the process has evolved is, in itself, amazing, yet this is nothing special for each individual because it is the process that we all naturally engage in all of the time, its our biology and neurophysiology doing what it was designed to do, to give us the experiences in life that we expect to have! You, me and everyone else is constantly defining our expectation of reality every minute of every day. The results and circumstances that we all get to have are well practiced, well rehearsed acts in our internal referencing system, even the ones we “think” we don’t want.

We now can realise that we are not only masters at manifesting, we can realise also that we possess the hardware and processes required to change and achieve any experience we want because that is what we do by default. We can easily and automatically improve or change any circumstance we are experiencing by utilizing our imagination in more useful and specific ways, in particular by occupying the states of our choosing according to our desires.

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  1. Jiefu says:

    Ex tenebris Lux Saiming!


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