The Secret To Manifesting In A Nut Shell!

Hello and welcome.

This blog is about how to  use the art of manifestation plainly and simply. It is an invitation to explore who we really are and what we do most naturally all of the time, how we create experience and how to change experience with volition.

So here is the secret to manifesting in a nut shell:

When you want to manifest anything in your life all you need to do is occupy the state of your desire as if it has already happened and continue occupying this state until it happens.

It really is that simple! The fact is we are manifesting machines, it’s our very deepest nature to do so. Everything we have, everything that we are experiencing is due to the states that we are continually occupying and the more we practice entering into states of our own choosing the more we come to realise this truth.

Wow, what a relief to know that we are all supreme manifesting experts already, there is nothing new to do. The key is practice! First of all practice choosing the desired state, secondly practice occupying the desired state.

And how do we do that?

By using the greatest tool that every human being has, a tool that is free from any limitations, is free from the bounderies of time and space, a tool that is infinite in its scope to create anything, anytime.

Our Imagination … 


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  1. Geoff says:

    Sounds like a genuine Magus at work here….brilliant


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