Why Do We Suffer from Emotions?

Someone asked the question, this response may be useful.

Why do we suffer from emotions?

First we need a definition about an emotion that is both simple and useful.

An ’emotion’ when we break down the word itself, can be … e for energy and motion for movement. So we can say that an emotion is energy in motion or energy that produces movement … a fuel.

Emotions are internal kinesthetics (feelings or sensations) that motivate us to move in a certain direction, we call this a behavior.

Now as we already know, we become what we contemplate most or to say this in another way, what we think about (internal process) repeatedly will manifest itself in our world (external experience).

Thought consists of three main modalities, self talk, mental pictures and feelings. The feelings are the internal sensation that we connect with the pictures and the audio.

These feelings are the fuel that physically create or out press the external experience of the pictures and sounds in our thought processes, whether consciously (personally directed) or subconsciously (directed by past experience or by someone else).

So why we suffer from emotions?

Because we fail to realise that emotions are the fuel that physically manifest the circumstances in our lives.

We suffer from emotions because of the inverted belief that we have no control about how we feel situations, we perceive that the situations cause the emotions instead of realising it is the emotions that actually cause the circumstance. In effect we become slaves to our environment, only capable of reacting instead of creating.

Its like blaming the petrol in your car for making you take a wrong turn and ending up at an unintended destination.

Emotions/Feelings are the key to all conscious LOA and manifesting work.

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