The One.

 This, I believe is the first and most important aspect of being able to consciously manifest anything you want. It is the awareness of the One.


 We will do well to contemplate this truth until it becomes an obvious fact in our own consciousness, for is it’s the primary key to the whole creative process.

 Now however you want to perceive the One, whether we call it the Field of Potential, Zero Point Energy, Universal Subconscious Mind, Dao, Life, God, etc, whatever name you want to give it, the most important point here is to recognise that there is only one creative power in the universe and this creative power is also the substance of the universe, it is intelligent and receptive. The more we recognise the One Power the more it is receptive to our conscious mental states. We will make special note here of the phrase “conscious mental states” because by is very nature it is always creating either from our conscious mind and its thinking or from our subconscious mind and its thinking.

 This One Power is a principle and it’s the principle of Life itself, it is in everything, of everything and through everything. It is totally impersonal in its nature and by its very function will create more life as it is directed. Up until now this direction has been generic in its nature, following its principle to expand and more fully express more life for its own enjoyment, creating what we know as the ojective universe and all it phenomena. Now, in us, human beings have developed the facility to direct the creative process by consciously engaging in it, i.e. by using the most powerful creative tool, our imagination.

 Why is it so important to recognise the One? Because IT is the First Cause in All creative process, IT is the First Movement in and of itself that gets things going, The outside world, all objectified phenomena is the effect of the creative process only, it is the end result, an expression of the One differentiated into to create more experience of itself for itself.

 When we try to produce an effect using anything in the outside world we are using manual labour. What we end up doing is trying to move the already formed bricks and mortar of the external world to create something else. This is not only exhausting, it produces unreliable results. Also if we start from any other premises other than the Primary First Cause then we colour the result with an underlying idea usually resulting in the opposite of what we thought we had intended.

 For example, when people want to have a greater supply of wealth in their life, they can find that through doing their contemplations of having more wealth, it actually has the opposite effect and they end up with less. This is because the intention to enter into the creative process for more wealth was coming from a previous and more embedded idea of lack and because the idea of lack was the Primary intention, the ever Creative Life Principle which is impersonal in its nature has only one function, to produce more of itself, then produces more lack to provide the experience it was originally directed to.

 Here’s a personal example. I haven’t posted for a long while because although my idea was to help people become better conscious manifestors, there was an embedded idea that I needed to ‘prove’ that it worked mainly through using scientific evidence of which there is so much now. So instead of producing helpful manifesting articles, all I was producing was the need to prove how it works. Yawn for me and I lost interest in writing because it became all about the proof, which is something completely different to what I enjoy.

 So to simplify and make this practical; when we start our creative contemplations from the position of the One, we enter into the process with a clean page and relieve all possible influence from previous experience.

 So how do we do this? Just contemplate the One!

 Here are some steps that may be useful:

  • Totally relax and associate (centre) into your body.
  • Notice that all the atoms in your body and that they all have one purpose ‘the expansion and fuller expression of all life’ including for each other.
  • Notice all the molecules (chemicals) in your body and that they too are for the expansion and fuller expression of all life.
  • Notice your cells and there relationship to each other is one of expansion and fuller expression of all life.
  • Then notice the tissues, then muscles, the organs, your bone structure and then your whole body is also of the same nature, for the expansion and fuller expression of all life.
  • Notice that this IS the One Life Principle at play on all levels.
  • Rest in each level and their combinations. Notice how it ‘feels” in your body.
  • Now expand this out.
  • Stay centred in your body and allow your awareness to expand into the room understanding that, being made of the same atoms, it has the same Life Creating Principle pervading through it.
  • Rest here.
  • Continue to expand your awareness out further to include your house, your garden, your city, your country, the world, the solar system, the galaxy and to the furthers reaches of the universe.
  • Rest here again in the Truth that on all levels, both singularly and in combination, the same Creative Principle is at play. That is, IT is all for the expansion and fuller expression of all life.

 I would suggest repeatedly enjoying the practice of this little exercise (or your own variation of it) until it becomes second nature, this is my ‘go to’ start in any contemplation, manifestation session for good reason.

 Happy contemplating. 







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