Your Time And Imagination Are Worth More Than This!

I was recently invited to a social media group on manifestation, so I joined in to see what was happening and I was shocked. It was total BS! It had all the classic elements that keep people stuck!

The host of the group recommended an exercise about manifesting money that he said was very difficult and advanced. In short the instructions were to go into meditation everyday, plant a money tree in your imagination, water it, watch it grow and then harvest it. It was a group that expounded Neville Goddard’s teachings and when I pointed out that Neville would not have recommended this and that you could just go to the end instead, imagining the end result as if you already had it … well the shit hit the fan.

So lets break this down.

First of all if we believe that something is difficult, there’s the first roadblock to our success. As natural manifesting machines anyway, if there is an idea of ‘difficulty’, which has its own sensation in the body, it will be programmed into the system while doing that exercise.

Second if you we are coming from a place of lack, which is a feeling itself, because we believe there is not enough then this too will be programmed into the system.

The Subconscious mind will act upon these suggestions to out press this exact result keeping us in more difficulty and lack.

Thirdly, since there is no essence of reality to the actual content of the imagination, the subconscious will just throw it out anyway.

So what can we do to get the results we want…

All true Mystics from the ancients including Hermis to Jesus, to the present day including Goddard and Troward, all bang on about how important it is to imagine the thing or circumstance that you want as if you all ready have it.

So what does this mean?

Here is one simple way to explore this.

Right now you can take a moment to jump forward to the end of today in your imaginations, lying in our bed feeling comfy and relaxed, looking back on an imaginary day that you have already had, saying to yourself, “Geez what a great day, that was so much fun” and enjoying the feelings of already having had a great, fun day.

That is it!

Stick with this scenario in your imagination repeating it, feeling the feelings and sensations in your body as if you have already had the most fun day ever. Keep going till this feeling is natural.

Since, I’m sure that we have already had a fun day at some point in your life, its easy to capture the essence of reality of it, the tingles, butterflies, the satisfaction, joys and thrill of looking back on a really fun day.

If you are visual use your visual imagination, if you are a inside talker, as I am, say the words to yourself … the important thing is to get the feelings, intensify them and enjoy those feelings.

This essence of reality and its feeling is the whole key. The Subconscious Mind, which is the builder of the body and influencer of behaviour is free to take this on scenario as fact. It’s the starting ground of a useful practice.

The ease, joy and simplicity doing of this will be programmed into the system too. Why? Because manifesting innate is easy. We are doing it to build up, sustain and experience our reality anyway, whether it be for what we enjoy or not and that is of our choosing. The Subconscious doesn’t care, its just going to do its job with total neutrality and out press what you put into it.

Once you get confidence in this simple practice you can change the feeling of ‘fun” to anything you want. Just plug it in and repeat, be it wealth, relationships, health, spirituality, you name it. You can also jump 2 days ahead, a week a month a year, go nuts have fun!

So I would recommend staying away from manifestation advice makes you feel lacking in anyway or that tells you its difficult and has no essence of reality to it.

Manifesting is easy and fun! All you need to do it invest your greatest assets time and imagination and enjoy the results.









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  1. Jiefu says:

    So True! Experiencing the ‘ends’ in its accompanying feeling state is the essence of it.


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